*Tool submissions should meet the requirements of any of the four pillars of a Safety Management System - Safety Risk Management, Safety Policy, Safety Promotion, Safety Assurance. Please scroll over each pillar below for brief description.

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    Safety Policy

    A policy or process in place that explicitly describes your safety procedures that may describe your safety core values/beliefs, your executive’s commitment to safety, who is responsibility and accountability for safety (employee’s expectations), how safety is measured for improvement and your company safety goals and objectives.

    Safety Risk Management

    A system that describes operational processes across departments and organizational boundaries. For example, this system must be able to methodically identify, assess and analyze risk, and implement controls to mitigate and monitor risk.

    Safety Promotion

    Ways to continually promote safety, conduct safety training and communicate safety as a core value with practices that support a sound safety culture. Examples would include:

    - Just Culture training

    - Air Medical Resource training

    - Threat and Error Management training

    - Articles on safety specific items

    - Safety posters

    Safety Assurance

    A process and system in place to acquire data with respect to your operations, products, or services to monitor the safety performance of your organization. Examples of this process/system may include:

    - A way to continuously monitor your operations, products, or services for hazards/threats

    - Periodic monitoring of your operational environment to detect change

    - Auditing of operational processes and systems

    - Evaluations and surveying of the SMS and operational processes and systems

    - Investigations of incidents and accidents

    - An employee reporting system in which employees can report, including, but not limited to: hazards, issues, concerns, occurrences, incidents, as well as propose solutions and safety improvements


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