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Created by AAMS, and funded by the MedEvac Foundation International, the Vision Zero initiative addresses the essential components of building a community culture of safety. Vision Zero looks to provide the free exchange of safety information for anyone in the industry seeking to improve their program’s safety infrastructure or culture, as well as their own personal safety culture.

Vision Zero offers tools to improve safety that can be easily implemented by any program, and are readily available to any individual along the continuum of a patient transport – aircrew, medical crew, flight support crew, and dispatchers.

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Vision Zero IIMC Checklist
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Vision_Zero_ToolboxFree exchange of safety tools!

Visit the Vision Zero Toolbox today to submit a best practice
to benefit the transport community!

All medical transport programs have best practices in place that would absolutely benefit the SAFETY of medical transport worldwide.  The Vision Zero Toolbox is the perfect repository to share your program’s best practice(s) with fellow transport teams.  The toolbox is a free safety resource, accessible to anyone and everyone.  It is designed on the four pillars of a Safety Management System – Safety Risk Management, Safety Policy, Safety Promotion and Safety Assurance.

Vision Zero Tool Spotlight – PHI Life-Saving Thinking

Many thanks to the 2016 Vision Zero Aviation Safety Award Winner, PHI Air Medical, for making their “Life-Saving Thinking” initiative available to the medical transport community.  

What is ‘Life-Saving Thinking’?
Life-Saving Thinking, created and developed by PHI Air Medical, is an initiative that steps far outside the bounds of traditional safety practices by working to really understand and address the challenges and barriers that exist within the core processes of the human brain. While traditional policies and safety practices provide structure and guides on how to work safely, Life-Saving Thinking provides a memorable, innovative and unique lens from which the employee can really understand how to utilize their brains, recognize mind traps that exist, and make decisions and complete tasks with their full and complete attention. It empowers them in ways they have never been empowered – and it affects their ability to be safe in work and outside work.

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image_PTE3617AAMSChallengeCoinFrontHighResGet your Vision Zero Challenge Coin!  
Challenge coins were born out of military tradition and symbolize honor, respect, duty, accountability, and esprit de corps. The Vision Zero challenge coin is not only a symbol, but also a tool to help bring focus individually and industry-wide to the human factors that impact crews getting home safely.  Order challenge coin(s) for you and your team!

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Check out Land & Live:  When Safety’s At Stake
– a safety program by Helicopter Association International (HAI)

Vision Zero, at its core, is a symbol of the medical transport community’s safety awareness and vigilance.  You, the people who work in and around emergency vehicles are Vision Zero.  You are the silver bullet. By educating and consistently raising awareness, the transport community, in a grassroots effort, will embrace this “vision” and the result WILL be a reduction … no … an elimination of unnecessary errors of consequence. This is the power of Vision Zero.