September 24, 2016

Hello AMTC Friends –

We are thankful that the ongoing events in Charlotte have remained largely peaceful over the last couple of days, and we continue praying that the situation remains that way for the weekend ahead.

In the 35+ years of the AMTC, the difficult decision to postpone the conference is a first for conference organizers. We want to keep our attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors informed as we continue to work on the reschedule of the AMTC in Charlotte.

At this point, we are continuing our discussions with the city, convention center and conference hotels to find new dates that will align for all the venues in Charlotte.  As you can imagine, there are a lot of moving parts associated with rescheduling an event the size and scope of the AMTC, and we’re excited to report that we’re definitely making progress.  We hope to have definitive dates in place by early next week.

Thank you for your patience while we continue the process, and we’d also like to thank the community for the words of encouragement and support since the decision to postpone was made on Thursday.

Rick Sherlock
AAMS President & CEO

Dave Evans
AAMS Board Chairman