Safety Day Potential Speakers List


Tom Baldwin, SMS Manager, Air Evac EMS, Inc,

Dr. Ira Blumen, UCAN and HEMS OSI, stats,

Daniel Bursch, NASA astronaut,

Gordon Graham, Risk Management, Graham Research Consultants, Long Beach, CA, (714) 374-9326

Scott Griffith, SG Collaborative Solutions, LLC, co-founder of Collaborative Just Culture™,

Tony Kern Ed.D, Safety Culture and Empowered Accountability,

Paul Lhote, Safety Promotion,

Sunshine McCarthy, Director of Training, Baldwin Aviation Safety & Compliance,

John J Nance, ABC air consultant and author of many books including Why Hospitals Should Fly,

Greg Poirier, Lead Pilot FRDCO/Field Safety Rep, AirLife Denver, (303) 485-6358

Mark Rosekind, Fatigue and NTSB issues,

Brian Smith, International Jet Aviation “Lessons Learned,” (303) 790-0414

Survivors Network,