MTSP-CLogo1_Page_1AAMS, in partnership with the International Board of Specialty Certification (IBSC), is proud to offer graduates of the Safety Management Leadership Academy the opportunity to sit for the Certified Medical Transportation Safety Professional (MTSP-C) specialty certification exam.  The MTSP-C exam establishes a legally defensible and psychometrically sound examination that tests the science and application of the discipline of safety systems in both the air and ground medical transportation industry. The goal of the certification is to create an internationally recognized standard encompassing all aspects safety management and risk mitigation across the entire enterprise of medical transportation – with special emphasis on safety management systems, patient safety, aviation/vehicle operational safety, and workplace safety.

By obtaining their MTSP-C SMTA graduates will have the opportunity to become critical care transport safety professionals in the world with the MTSP-C credential. Please contact Natasha Ross at for additional information.

Next SMTA – July 27-30, 2020 – San Antonio, Texas

Current Medical Transportation Safety Professionals – Certified

Julie Baker
Derek Ball
Richard Bassett
Robert P. Berger
Brian Berson
Erik Bratton

Darrin Buchta
Ryan Bushmaker

William Chaplin
Charlotte Clark

Brian Conroy
Johnny E. Delgado
Todd Denison
Kevin S. Dodgin
Solomon Don
Rhett Draehn

Miles Dunagan
Weston Edwards

Keith Franklin
Josh Goldner
Jeff Grimm

Matt Gunderman

George ‘Chip’ Henderson
Joseph Hennessy

Colin Henry
Andrew Holcomb
Paula Hoyle

Joshua L. Hunsucker
Sandra Hutton
Fred Jeffries
K.C. Jones
Timothy A. Kalmar
Kenneth King
Stanley T. Kocol
Justin Koper
Ethan Kurtman
David A. Lindstrom
Lance Luther
Teresa Merk

Brian Mikalauskas
Michael O’Melia
Brian S. Patton
Matthew Reinhart
Alex Rosa
Mark Russell
Noah Sanders

David Scanlan
Scott Schandelson
Lisa Schlemmer
Dennis Schmidt

Travis Schochler
Randy Scott
William Spradlin
Dennis Swick
Jamie Swoboda
Patty Vielle
Josh Weiland
Jeff White
Stacy Wolfe
Kevin T. Womac

Upcoming MTSP-C testing events:

Here is a list of confirmed paper/pencil exams for the remainder of 2019:

October 16:  EMS World Expo, New Orleans, LA

November 3: Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC), Atlanta, GA

EXAM DATE: November 3, 2019. A Paper/Pencil Exam is offered at the AMTC in Atlanta, GA. Register now for the FP-C®, CCP-C®, TP-C®, TR-C®, and CP-C®, MTSP-C Exams. Exam registration deadline is October 18, 2019.   Register here.

November 8:  Colorado EMS Conference – Keystone, CO

November 25:  Texas EMS Conference – Ft. Worth, TX