Medical Transport Leadership Institute (MTLI)
CMTE Re-Certification Rules


Member Renewal Rate: $245.00  /  Non Member Renewal Rate:$310.00

60-Day Grace Period/Window Renewal Rate: $385.00


ONLINE Recertification Application
We commend you for your commitment to excellence in the field of medical transport! Your dedication is evident by your continued efforts to expand your knowledge base and further your professional development and growth. CLICK HERE

The Recertification Process
Your CMTE credential is valid for 3 years during which time you must earn the required professional credits (30 MEUs) and submit them to AAMS on a completed CMTE Recertification Application in order to re-certify for another 3 years. For example, if your original certification was earned in April 2018, your initial certification would run from your certification date through December 2021. Your recertification application and payment would need to be into the AAMS office by December 31, 2021. Your first re-certification would begin January 2022.

CMTE_Re-certification Form (PDF)

NOTE: Payment of $245.00 must be included with the application as well as any and all supporting documentation to verify that you fulfilled the requirements for attaining the appropriate number of MEU’s. 

60-Day Grace Period/Window
Because circumstances occur that might cause you to be delayed in submitting your paperwork for recertification by the deadline, AAMS has instituted a 60-day grace period.

With this grace period, you may take an extra 60 days past the deadline to get your paperwork and payment into the AAMS office. In the example above, where an initial certification was earned in May 2018 and expires on December 2021, a recertification application may be submitted during the 60-day grace period up until March 1, 2022. Please note that the grace period is not a time for you to take classes or try to accumulate more MEUs. This is simply a period for you to compile all of your paperwork and your payment to send into the office.

NOTE: There is a penalty of an extra $145 charged for those submitting their paperwork during the 60 day grace period. Thus, the total cost for recertification during the grace period will be $385.

Thank you for earning your CMTE and for the contributions you make everyday to better the critical care transport community on behalf of patients everywhere! If you have any questions, please contact your VP of Education and Events, Natasha Ross, CMP at 703-836-8732 x107 or via email at