Atlas & Database of Air Medical Services (ADAMS)

The Association of Air Medical Services has partnered with CUBRC’s Public Safety and Transportation Group in Buffalo, NY to create The Atlas & Database of Air Medical Services (ADAMS). ADAMS was initially developed with support from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

The database is implemented in a web-based Geographic Information System to provide a map context for data query & analysis. Specifically, ADAMS includes descriptive & geographic information on air medical service providers, their communication centers, base helipads, rotor and fixed wing aircraft and receiving hospitals. The need for such a data resource is driven by newly-emerging Automatic Crash Notification (ACN) technologies which are changing both the content and the manner in which motor vehicle crash emergency messages are routed. In addition, ADAMS has attracted interest from homeland security and disaster response agencies.

To date, all Program Directors have received a username & private password giving them read & write access to the data collection web-forms for their service. Results of the data collection can be viewed on the ADAMS GIS website (see address above). Please verify that the information for your service is current. For more details, email the CenTIR at

Access to ADAMS Public Site, Data Collection and GIS websites is available through:

ADAMS 17th Edition Atlas with national and state maps showing air medical coverage in each state is available on the Public Access portion of 2019

The map above shows the locations of Air Medical rotor and fixed wing bases providing emergency response to medical & trauma scenes. The white squares represent fixed wing bases. The orange squares represent rotor wing bases.  And the blue represent combined rotor and fixed wing bases.

Service Providers: If any of your bases are missing, please access the data collection web forms for your service at or email A subset of ADAMS data, presented in interactive map context, are available to registered users (password required) on the ADAMS GIS Website.