AAMS Political Action Committee (PAC)

Forging relationships with elected officials and winning their support on the issues that affect the air medical community is one of the most important missions of the Association of Air Medical Services.

Keeping those relationships strong and ensuring that support in the future is the mission of the Association of Air Medical Services Political Action Committee (PAC).

What is a Political Action Committee?
A Political Action Committee is an organization that makes campaign contributions. Trade Associations, like AAMS, are not allowed to make financial contributions to political campaigns; they must form a political action committee so the Federal Election Commission can track and regulate how much money politicians receive. There are literally thousands of political action committees operating in the United States; some are connected to individual politicians, some to political parties, and some to organizations such as labor unions, corporations, and not-for-profit associations.

Why does AAMS need a PAC?
As the air medical community faces serious budgetary and regulatory issues, many of our elected officials have championed proposals in support of the air medical community. It is only prudent to support the reelection of these officials so that they can continue their efforts here in Washington. Working together, AAMS members can contribute to those candidates who share our views on the importance of air medical services and will help to secure the industry’s future.

Who will AAMS PAC support?
AAMS PAC is completely non-partisan and supports those lawmakers who have shown their support for the air medical community. The PAC can contribute no more than $5,000 per election to any one candidate.

Can I Contribute to AAMS PAC?
AAMS PAC is a special Segregated Fund sponsored by AAMS; the PAC can only solicit contributions from members. In addition to this restriction, the FEC requires that the individual in charge of member companies/organizations grant the association permission to solicit their employees.

How much?
Contributions from individuals may be as small as you wish, but may not exceed $5,000 per year.  AAMS PAC is required to report your name and occupation to the FEC if you make a contribution of more than $50; the FEC will post the name and occupation on its website of anyone contributing over $200 per year.

Is this tax deductible?
No, unlike donations to charitable organizations or research foundations, contributions to AAMS PAC are not tax deductible.

What if I work for a non-profit hospital or program?
Because you make your contribution as an individual, it does not affect the tax status of your employer organization.

AAMS Members Can Use a Variety of Methods to Contribute to the PAC

  1. Respond to the annual AAMS PAC solicitation.
  2. Contribute to the PAC at any AAMS Member conference or event.
  3. Contact AAMS for more information or make your contribution to the AAMS PAC at (703) 836-8732 x111.