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Frankie Toon, RN, CFRN, CMTE, MBA, MSN
Treasurer, Director-At-Large

Program Manager, AirMed Univeristy of Utah Health

Q: Tell us about your job and what you love most about it.

A: I manage a program that consists of 8 bases across two states. I love the AirMed Team, they are dedicated to providing safe and excellent patient care. Together we serve the communities where we are stationed as well as the communities that University Health Care reaches. We have the honor of making a difference in the lives of people who are experiencing a critical situation.

Q: What / Who inspired you to follow an air medical / critical care transport career path and how did you break into it?

A: The professionalism and expertise of other flight team members inspired me to become a flight nurse. I started my career in a rural community over 100 miles in any direction from tertiary care. A a nurse in a rural community we depending on the expertise of transport personnel. This inspired me to learn more and gain more experience outside of my community to become a flight nurse.
I was hired as a fixed-wing flight nurse serving my community in 2003 and have been in love with this career ever since then. The families and patients that I have the honor of caring for are the reason I continue in this career.

Q: What is your proudest career-defining moment that best represents your overall professional expertise and experience?

A: I have experienced many small moments over the last 17 years in this career in which I was able to see the difference that our team has made in the lives of many. I was honored to receive the Excellence in Transport Leadership award in 2018 from AAMS. Reading the letters that my team wrote about me actually made me cry. I have always felt that I was part of the team and just doing what we do until I read how they felt about me.

Q: What inspired you to join the AAMS Board?

A: I was inspired to join the AAMS Board in 2015 to infuse some new ideas into the leadership of our industry and help bring organizations together. I have always enjoyed being involved and making a difference. Many of my colleagues in Utah, Wyoming, and Arizona encouraged me to run for the AAMS Board to help represent their interests as members.

Q: What are your top three impact goals you plan to achieve as a board member?

1) Improvement of AAMS educational programs
2) Diverse membership representation
3) Membership involvement in committees

Q: What do you see as the future of our industry and what is the best way to adapt to a changing landscape; and given that, what are the role do you see AAMS play in that change?

A: The future of our industry will be more focused on the quality of patient care and services we provide our patients. AAMS’s role in that change is to focus our attention on improving the education and resources needed to provide the safest and highest quality of critical care transport to our members.

Q: What’s your favorite book / movie / movie quote and why?

A: Don’t really have one. I am a team roper though and recently attended a clinic taught by Walt Woodard a 3-time NFR champion team roper. He said to me…”you do a good job all the way to the end, pace yourself now slow down and finish strong.”
I think that applies to my life in general as well as my roping.