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Debbie Boudreaux, MSN, RN, CCRN, C-NPT, LP, CMTE
AAMS Chair, Region 4 Director

Assistant Vice President of Nursing, Cook Children’s Medical Center

Debbie received her MSN from Walden University and has been with Cook Children’s since 1987, becoming Assistant Vice President of Nursing in 2017. She holds multiple certifications including NALS, PALS, and ACLS. Recent recognitions include: 2020 DFW Great 100 Nurses, 2019 AAMS Excellence in Transport Leadership Award, 2011 Cook Children’s Medical Center Top Ten Nurses of the Year. Debbie is also a recognized national presenter on neonatal and pediatric transport topics.

Q: Tell us about your job and what you love most about it.

A: As a transport nurse my favorite part of the job was working with the referring facilities and the families.. It was so humbling to  walk into the worse day of someone’s life, knowing that you were called to help and that you could and did make it better. We are able provide comfort and relief to the families as well as the staff. We are blessed that we have the ability to make a difference every day. Currently, my role allows me to provide my crews with the resources they need to do their job. I like to think that I am still capable of going on a call, but they quickly remind me about all of the required competencies.

Q: What / Who inspired you to follow an air medical / critical care transport career path and how did you break into it?

A: I remember as a brand new nurse in 1985, I worked at the University of Louisville in the NICU and would watch the helicopter land outside our window. Of course with the humility of a brand new nurse I applied for a job and was gently guided to get a bit more experience. Four years later in 1989, a bit more experience and now living in Fort Worth TX, I applied and was hired into my dream job. I was one of 7 neonatal nurses, flying with an adult program and one ambulance. The times and culture have changed significantly. Today, we have grown into one of the busiest neonatal / pediatric teams in the country and have over 80 team members. Now some thirty one years later, it is still my dream job!

Q: What is your proudest career-defining moment that best represents your overall professional expertise and experience?

A: Everyday that I come to work and see the team bringing in a patient I am reminded how blessed I am and how fortunate to be a apart of something special. We truly make a difference in the life of a child everyday. When you lift off  or drive away and the family waves good bye, it is a great responsibility and honor to know that the families have entrusted their most prize possession to your care. That is why we do it! That is why I have stayed for thirty one years.

Q: What inspired you to join the AAMS Board?

A: I wanted to be a part of the answer. I wanted to be able to have a voice and to offer a perspective from a neonatal/pediatric team perspective.

Q: What are your top three impact goals you plan to achieve as a board member?

A: 1- To reconnect people.
2 – Tell our story.
3 – Grow our association ability to touch members. To provide education and networking opportunity.

Q: What do you see as the future of our industry and what is the best way to adapt to a changing landscape; and given that, what are the role do you see AAMS play in that change?

A: We will continue to grow as we change with the landscape. We have to work with others, to spread our message. I want to make our organization to be the leader in our industry. In order AAMS has to be the constant, we have to  speak for all members the large and the small, the private equity teams and the hospital based programs. We are the Association of Air Medical Services, we speak for everyone. I want that to be our mantra.

Q: What’s your favorite book / movie / movie quote and why?

A: I love the movie Remember the Titans. For one, I love football!!! And it tells the story of how we need and must over come adversity. Our industry will be successful only through positive attitudes and understanding our basis goal which is to provide the best possible care to our patients. Through collaboration and team work we will be successful!