4-blue-1 MATT BOOTH

This industry rejects complacency, and for great reason…your patients’ and your personal safety depend on it. We’re going to give you a little tune-up, building on your CRM training, and focus on attitude. Are you ever in a bad mood? Do you wish you could be more positive? Have you ever had a kick the dog kind of day? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re going to be glad you are here. If you didn’t answer yes, you might be in serious denial.

Your attitude, the way you approach each day, is the START of everything! Attitude determines your thoughts and ultimately your actions. In this program you will find that being positive as often as possible helps you be more successful and drastically improves how you communicate. Stop and think for a moment…your attitude affects virtually every facet of your personal and professional lives. Take control — of your attitude, relationships, time management, health and fitness, communication, and finances. My name is Matt Booth and I’m very happy to help.

Matt’s humor, quick wit, and ability to connect with your people will create meaningful attitude changes. Matt has enjoyed getting to share his message throughout the United States and with international audiences around the world.

Matt grew up on a farm in Southwest Wisconsin in the heartland of America. He lives in Dubuque, Iowa on the banks of a small creek that feeds into the mighty Mississippi with his lovely wife Joie and their sons Carter and Graham. He received his undergrad at University of Wisconsin and then graduated with his Master’s Degree in Communication from University of Dubuque.

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