AAMS Safety Management Training Academy
Graduate Workshop

August 7-9, 2019
Omni William Penn Hotel – Pittsburgh, PA


Wednesday, August 7
Afternoon Session, 1330 – 1630h

  • Workplace Communication
  • Communication as a Safety Tool
  • What is Emotional Intelligence & Why Do I Care?
  • Self Awareness in Communication: Is your message being received as it was intended?

Thursday, August 8
Morning Session, 0900 – 1200h

  • Leadership Development
  • Transactional vs Transformational Leadership:  What’s the difference?
  • What Kind of Leader Are You?
  • Action Steps to become a great inspirational leader.

Afternoon Session, 1330 – 1630h

  • Safety Policy
    • Identifying and measuring objectives
    • Management understanding of their roles
    • Training for employees vs management on SMS
    • Just Culture – how is it supported in daily operations?
  • Risk Management
    • Hazard vs. risk and risk matrix score review
    • Risk Matrix Scores – do they apply to everything or just aviation events?
    • How do your scores compare year to year? Is risk being managed better?
    • What about fatigue?
  • Safety Assurance
    • How to you ensure improvements are implemented and performing as expected in your system?
  • Safety Promotion
    • Communication of events, leading indicators, lagging indicators, visible support of SMS

Friday, August 9
Morning Session, 0900 – 1200h

Putting It All Together

  • How do you measure the effectiveness of your SMS? (Identifying and measuring objectives)
  • Where do you get the data and what data do you use?
  • Lagging vs Leading Indicators
  • How to write an SMS quarterly report and an SMS annual report
  • How to determine SMS goals for next year (fluid vs. static SPI’s)

Afternoon Session, 1330 – 1630h

Breakout Sessions tailored to your needs

  • Writing your SMS Quarterly/Annual Report
  • Data Collection
  • Data Management
  • Ensuring Just Culture
  • Communication