It’s So Real it Will Make You Squeal!! Hands on Anatomical Cardiopulmonary Lab
Sharon Purdom, BSN, CFRN, Med Trans

During this ‘hands on’ lab, the participant will gain a better understanding of anatomy and physiology using discarded hog hearts and lungs. Numerous procedures (intubation, ETC, LMA, needle cric, surgical airway, retrograde intubation, intubation aids, needle decompression, coronary artery injection/caths, right vs left MIs and pericardialcentesis) will also be reviewed and performed. It will be limited to the first 30 wanting to participate (pre-registration NOT required)and unlimited to observers. EVERYTHING will be provided for the participants.

MCI Table Top Training
Gustav Clark, NREMT-P, FP-C, Guardian Air Transport

The focus of this training is to facilitate improved patient outcomes during mass casualty incidents. This will be accomplished by improving response, patient treatment and stabilization and expediting transport to appropriate definitive care facilities. This is all accomplished by first responders establishing Incident Command and being practiced and skilled in the Unified Command communication processes required to effectively and efficiently mitigate an MCI.

Helicopter Underwater Emergency Egress and Sea Survival
Craig Dunham, MS, NRP, PhD, National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians

Basic one hour ground  school presentation for Air  Medical and  Rescue flight crews to include ,pilots, healthcare practitioners, mechanics, and administrators.  And in support of FAA bi annual on going training and education recommendations.  A  highly  motivated and experienced instructional cadre introduces and discusses the need for CRM/AMRM training, the BRACE acronym and self extrication technique, reviews and comments on personal safety equipment (life  jackets,helmets,flight suits,signaling devices,life rafts)  and utilization , and presents valuable tips and demonstrations for sea survival in the post crash phase. In water laboratory / practice sessions   using the 1  and 2 person  MacMillan Confidence Builders  will be available shortly after the ground school segment , and are  highly recommended. Evidence based research indicates a great tool for controlling panic and promoting an understanding of spatial disorientation, as well as,  review and practical application of the BRACE  acronym.