Thanks to Air Evac Lifeteam for sharing Kym & Connor’s story.

Kym Cullar firmly believes that Air Evac Lifeteam saved her son’s life.

Connor Cullar was in Boyd, Texas, for a motocross race. The event was so crowded with participants and fans that the Decatur Air Evac Lifeteam crew, there to show off the helicopter and talk about the benefits of membership, landed a half-mile from the track. Connor spotted the red, white and blue aircraft and checked it out before his race. The 11 year-old’s mother, Kym, believes God put the Air Evac Lifeteam crew at the race to save her son’s life.

During his race, Connor went over a jump on the side of a hill and landed on his head. He went into a seizure, and someone yelled out, “Stop the race!”

Officials stopped the race, and the Wise County EMS crew onsite called flight paramedic Brandon Sutter.

“It was the second largest event of the year,” Sutter said. “It would have taken a ground crew 20 minutes just to get through the crowd and onto the highway.”

The Air Evac Lifeteam crew was on a UTV, riding with the track’s owner to get something to drink when Sutter got the call about Connor’s accident. Pilot Dave Harper ran the half-mile back to the helicopter to position it closer to Connor.

While Harper moved the helicopter to the track, Sutter and the flight nurse put an IV in 11 year-old Connor, who was unresponsive and seizing.

“From the time my skids hit the ground to the time we were up and gone was about three or four minutes,” Harper said. “They had to intubate him in the helicopter, but the wind was with us and we were at Cook’s (Children’s Medical Center) in 10 or 12 minutes.”

Connor suffered a traumatic brain injury and a broken right hand. He spent eight days in the Intensive Care Unit and two months in the hospital. He was not be able to do any physical activities for a few months, but he is back in school and making remarkable progress.

 “It wasn’t until after the accident that I learned the Air Evac crew was there on a public relations visit, but I believe with all my heart that God placed them in that area on September 9, 2012, to be Connor’s angels of mercy,” Kym said. “Thank you will never be enough for the work they did to sustain his life.”