October 5, 2016

Hello AMTC Friends –

It’s official – we have new dates in place for “2016 AMTC V2.0” – Tuesday, December 13 – Thursday, December 15, 2016.

As we continued discussions with Charlotte, we heard specific concerns from our conference participants about the postponement. It provided us the opportunity to take those concerns into consideration, and do our best to address them.

First, the new pattern in December will be a bit shorter than a typical AMTC. Pre-conferences, typically held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday prior to AMTC will be held on either Sunday December 11th or Monday December 12th, before the event, and other meeting schedules will be adjusted for our new dates. The Education Sessions will run over their normal 3-day period, but Day 1 will be Tuesday (Dec 13th), Day 2 will be Wednesday (Dec 14th), and Day 3 will be Thursday (Dec 15th). We’re still working on the logistics of the exhibit hall, but it looks as if the exhibit hall will run for the normal timeframe. The shortened time frame (Dec 11th through Dec 15th) should ease the longer time commitments typically required to attend AMTC for both attendees and exhibitors.

The new dates also address another driving concern. Had we postponed the AMTC into January, those transport programs and exhibitors operating on a calendar year = fiscal year basis, would have faced the challenge of crossing fiscal years and accommodating two AMTC’s in a single calendar/fiscal year. A December conference eliminates that challenge.

Further, we did our level best to find dates that didn’t conflict with other aviation and healthcare conferences OR the rapidly approaching holiday season. We also had to plan around the other conferences and events in Charlotte during the rest of this year. We would like to commend the hard work of AAMS Director of Education & Events, Natasha Ross, for negotiating a miracle.

Again, we want to offer a huge thank you for your patience while we continue forging ahead with the AMTC V2.0 in mid-December, an unprecedented situation for AAMS and our partner associations – AMPA, ASTNA, IAFCCP, NAACS and NEMSPA. Your collective support has made the best of very difficult circumstances for everyone who has been working on AMTC for close to a year, since our last gathering in Long Beach.

As we move forward, our goal is to make the rescheduled AMTC one of the best AMTC’s for everyone. All registered attendees will remain registered for the new dates in December. All exhibitors will remain registered and we will be in touch very soon to confirm the exhibit hall arrangements. To the best of our ability, the education sessions will be duplicated so speakers can plan on the same order (i.e., day one, day two, or day three) and time. Conference sponsors who are affected by the reschedule, because of pre-made dated merchandise, such as conference t-shirts or coffee mugs, will be contacted individually for a discussion about how to proceed. The nature and cause for the postponement, and subsequent rescheduling, makes it necessary to be very specific in how we manage the way ahead and we will work with our members, exhibitors, and attendees regarding the new dates.

In an effort to be as streamlined as possible, please send inquiries to meetings@aams.org with the subject line: AMTC Reschedule. AAMS staff will work as quickly as possible to answer all your questions.

Rick Sherlock
AAMS President & CEO

Dave Evans
AAMS Board Chairman