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MedEvac Foundation International
Association of Air Medical Services

EMS Providers jobs are inherently stressful. As Medical Transport Professionals and First Responders we encounter routine patients but also patients with significant illness or injury who we may not be able to save. These encounters are memorable and may adversely impact clinician health and wellbeing. In addition, we now have COVID-19 to deal with and the unknown of transporting patients who might or might not be contagious. As emergency clinicians, we often fail to ask for help when needed. Chronic stress, acute stress with recent transports, fatigue and other factors can add to the challenge of taking care of ourselves and may even have an impact on patient care. How do we proactively deal with Fatigue, Stress, PTSD and avoid becoming despondent and ‘Take Care Of Our Own’ so we can provide the care to patients who need us? This Webinar will give you perspective on addressing fatigue, sleep, and other factors that may impact your wellbeing during this extraordinary time in history. On behalf of the MedEvac Foundation we hope you attend, invite others to join us – both in and outside our industry and find this useful.

Cameron Curtis, President/CEO, AAMS & MedEvac Foundation International

Jared Hughes, Development Director, MedEvac Foundation International

Facilitated by:
Krista Haugen, RN, MN, CMTE, Director of Patient Safety & Medical Risk Management, Med-Trans
P. Daniel Patterson, PhD, NRP, Associate Professor, James O. Page Professor of Emergency Healthcare Worker Safety Department of Emergency Medicine University of Pittsburgh

Be sure to watch this brief 6 min video to prepare for our webinar: