VZ_Stacy_smallStacy Fiscus (Task Force Chair) has been in the air medical industry for seven years and is a graduate of the Safety Management Training Academy. Stacy has been involved with Vision Zero since 2013 and is the current Vision Zero Chair. While working full-time in Haiti for its’ first rotor-wing air medical program, Stacy is also a board member for the International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics as well as a board member for the Air Medical Memorial. Stacy is dedicated to changing the accident rate of the air medical industry one crew member at a time through her work with AAMS and Vision Zero.


Tony McCormack is a native of Iowa and began his career working in rural EMS. TonyVZ_McCormack_small currently is employed as a Clinical Supervisor with LifeNet Air Medical Services, owned and operated by Air Methods Corporation. Tony also works ground EMS in the Kansas City area and is an ER/Trauma nurse . He has worked in several roles including preceptor, field training officer, and field supervisor. Tony has experience in both rotor and fixed wing operations throughout the Midwest. In addition to being a paramedic/RN, Tony also has experience in law enforcement and currently works as a police officer in suburban Kansas City, Mo.

“As a member of our leadership team, I believe we can bring everyone together and eliminate preventable crashes in our industry.” 


VZ_Darrin_smallDarrin Buchta is a certified flight paramedic who is currently working within the critical care transport environment for a national air medical provider. Along with serving as a clinical provider he also has the opportunity to serve as an educator for both his peers as well as the public. Darrin has had the privilege of serving for several emergency response organizations including those providing firefighting, dive rescue/recovery, hazardous materials response, district level disaster response, hospital based EMS, municipal based Fire/EMS, tactical medicine, and private for-profit critical care transport. He has not only served as an operational member of these teams, but has also had the opportunity to of instruct on topics specific to each discipline. Darrin holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree focused on Homeland Security and Public Safety. During his time within the air medical community he has found a passion for the promotion of ongoing safety. By working with the Vision Zero Initiative he has been able to be a part of the AAMS commitment to safety within our industry.



Susan Smith has been a Flight Nurse with Carilion Clinic Life-Guard for 20 years and currently serves as Program Director. The CAMTS accredited hospital-based flight program has EC135’s based in Westlake, Radford, and Lexington, VA and is part of a ground transportation system with > 40 ambulances in multiple locations throughout the region, including two EMS divisions and a Neonatal-Pediatric transport division. Susan is the AAMS Region VI Director and a member of the Virginia State Medevac Committee. She routinely presents at regional conference and AMTC and is passionate about CRM.




Ryan Bushmaker lives in Northern Colorado with his wife and 2 children, where he enjoys spending time in the great outdoors.  They enjoy filling their summers with camping, hiking, and biking and their winters with skiing, snowshoeing and simply being outside in the mountains.

Ryan is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a Bachelors degree in Nursing.  He spent several years working in the Neurosurgical ICU at the University of Colorado Hospital in Denver.  He then gained Emergency Department experience at Lutheran Medical Center near Denver.  His first Flight Nurse position was working for Air Ambulance Specialists where he did fixed wing transports, both internationally and domestically.  he worked at Tri-State Care Flight in Eagle, Colorado where CRM was essential to complete flights due to the high altitude, changing weather and terrain in which they operated.

In 2012, Ryan began working with Air Link in Loveland, Colorado when the program started and he has been instrumental in the development of their safety program.  His activities include monthly CRM training, and organizational safety monitoring.  He is a graduate of the AAMS Safety Management Training Academy (SMTA), and tested for and passed the MTSP-C (Medical Transport Safety Professional – Certified) exam in 2016.  He feels safety is every crewmember’s responsibility and believes safety professionals should lead by example.  Flight crew fatigue has been a topic of interest for Ryan and he is currently leading a research project to develop a fatigue assessment for flight crews.




Jason Hill is a helicopter mechanic with Med-Trans Corporation and is based out of the Carilion Clinic Life-Guard program in Virginia which uses EC135 aircraft in Westlake, Radford, and Lexington. Prior to his civilian career in HEMS, Jason served in the United States Army, including assignments in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.




David_E_smallDavid Ellis has over twenty years of experience in prehospital medicine, with over sixteen of those in the Air Medical field. He has practiced throughout the United States and internationally in both rotor wing and fixed wing environments. David is currently the President of the International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics, and has served in various capacities with that Board for the last seven years. David works as a flight Program Manager for a fixed wing and rotor wing program, as well as completing several conference speaking engagements annually.



Josh Weiland is the Safety Officer for Sanford AirMed, a CAMTS accredited, hospital-based flight program which flies EC145’s and King Air 200’s.  Josh maintains certifications of Airline Transport Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, MTSP-C of the Safety Management Training Academy as well as recently completing the Crew Resource Management Instructor course.  Josh’s passions include promoting a proactive Safety Management System that focuses on error detection and reporting with a strong safety culture and improvement as the main goals. He is also passionate about being a voice in the world of safety on the behalf of past, present and future flight team members.


don_walkerStarting his EMS career in 1999, Don Walker has worked in both rural and urban 911 systems.  His HEMS career started in 2008 in Roswell, New Mexico and is currently flying for Dartmouth Hitchcock Advanced Response Team (DHART) in Manchester New Hampshire.  Don is involved in professional development, a preceptor, and most recently the chair of the safety committee.  As chair of the safety committee he has worked to continuously enhance safety in all aspects of the program.  Don resides near the New Hampshire seacoast with his wife and son.


Olsen_Kris_RN.MSN.14_Lifeline_webKris Olsen holds a Master’s degree in leadership and management from Walden University, CFRN and achieved her CMTE in 2016.

As a native Midwesterner Kris is happy to be home in the Midwest, closer to her family. An ICU nurse at heart, Kris found her niche in prehospital medicine and has been in love with it ever since. People are her passion. She is a firm believer that the best patient care and the safest environment for that care comes from a place where people feel safe and empowered.

Do it right, do it safely on every mission. Speak up! Silence is the monster under the bed.


eric_hoyEric Hoy is a Certified Flight Paramedic for Sanford AirMed in Sioux Falls, SD.  AirMed is a hospital based CAMTS accredited program in the Dakotas operating EC 145’s and Beechcraft King Air 200’s. Eric began his EMS career with a county based 911 system in northern California.  In 2010, Eric started his flight career with a fixed wing program serving northern California and southern Oregon.  In 2012, Eric joined AirMed where he continues to serve as a full time clinician in addition to coordinating the programs clinical education department.   Eric is an active member of the program’s safety committee.   During his tenure with AirMed, Eric has contributed to the implementation of several key safety projects and policies focusing on fatigue and effective communication. Most recently Eric was selected as one of three CRM instructors for the program. Operationally, Eric believes that when crews are faced with adverse situations, Crew Resource Management and effective communication are the keys to lowering the accident rate within the air medical industry.