Kay ignored the symptoms for 3 months, and then this happened
  Submitted by Carilion Clinic Life-GuardKay_Hugs


Lexington resident Kay Lewis had pneumonia in January, 2013. She thought the chest pains she felt for months afterward were left-over symptoms from the infection. In July, she felt fatigued and began passing out. On July 17th she passed out in front of her computer – she was looking up symptoms of a heart attack in women. Her husband took her to the Carilion Stonewall Jackson Hospital Emergency Room where doctors confirmed she was having a heart attack. Minutes later she was in the air, flying to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital on Life-Guard 12 for treatment.

Exactly one year later, Kay and her husband Mike returned to the Life-Guard hanger to say thanks to the crew of that life-saving flight.




She wants everyone, especially women, to know the symptoms of a heart attack. You can view the symptoms for both men and women at knowthefive.com.




Local NBC affiliate reporter Karen McNew was present for Kay’s reunion and tells her story below.