ACHA Update:  Rules Committee Session Continues


The Rules Committee is expected to resume sometime today for consideration of a rule on the American Health Care Act. However, the Committee has not yet announced a time for when it will resume.

For a quick recap of yesterday, the Rules Committee met but did not complete its consideration of a rule for the American Health Care Act. The rule governs how the bill will be considered on the House floor, specifically time for debate and what amendments will be considered by the House. The Committee recessed last night without approving a rule and the Committee is expected to resume its consideration today. As reported in the press, this delay is due to the continued negotiations on revised language by House leadership and the White House that would hopefully secure the remaining votes necessary for passage.

Before adjourning last night, the Committee approved a “same day” rule, H. Res. 221 (see links below), which allows the Speaker to bring a measure approved by the Rules Committee to the floor that same day. The resolution permits this through Monday, March 27, 2017. This “same day” rule was needed in order to stick to the planned timeline for passage of the American Health Care Act, which included a House vote on the bill today. It is not yet clear whether the House will maintain that schedule, but the “same day” rule going through March 27th gives them some flexibility. H. Res. 221 was called up on the House floor this morning, debated, and is ready to be voted on by the House, likely later today.

Below please find documents about the “same day” rule resolution passed last night:

Bill text: H. Res. 221
Rule text: Rule
Rules Committee report: H. Rept. 115-56

In addition, we are expecting additional information from the Congressional Budget Office today on the budgetary impact of the manager’s amendments to the American Health Care Act.

Stay tuned…