When the House and Senate return in September, Members of Congress are looking to advance legislation before the end of the month, both to make progress on important issues and have concrete accomplishments to tout during the final stretch of the election season in October and November. Members are also looking to position legislation for consideration during the lame-duck period starting on November 14th.

This installment of Eye on Washington gives you a sense of what’s left to do. While we don’t cover the appropriations bills here, we do provide a snapshot of pending health-related bills. In short,

  • 66 remaining bills have passed out of committee or have passed one chamber;
  • 25 bills have passed either the House or Senate, making them potentially more likely to be signed into law as a stand-alone measure or be incorporated into a larger year-end package;
  • Of the 10 bills that have passed the House with more than 20 cosponsors, four bills have some measure of bipartisanship (equal or greater than 20% co-sponsorship by Democrats);
  • H.R. 6, the 21st Century Cures Act has 53% Democratic co-sponsorship

The charts that follow provide a breakdown of pending legislation. The first table shows pending health care bills that have passed either the House or Senate, and are awaiting action in the other body. The second table pulls together pending Senate bills that have passed out of committee, whereas the third table shows pending House bills that have passed out of committee.

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