Special thanks to Flight For Life (Wisconsin) for letting us share Eric’s story!
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It had rained and was a damp and dreary morning on May 28, 2015. I headed out on my Honda motorcycle to get lunch before going to work. I loved the freedom of riding my bike and sometimes neglected to wear my helmet.

Resonating in my head that day was my girlfriend’s constant reminder, “Wear your helmet!”

It was a good decision on this particular day. I still try to piece together the puzzle and try to remember the details that led to the crash that nearly took my life. A witness explained that I was trying to pass her and when I attempted to merge back into the lane, my bike started to wobble and shimmy and the instability caused me to lose control. Her account of the accident revealed that I made a deliberate and abrupt turn after losing control of the bike to avoid crashing; I veered off to a field, hit a ditch, and flipped multiple times.

After waking up from a 14-day coma, I learned that I was airlifted from the scene of theeric accident by Flight For Life to the trauma unit at Froedtert Medical Center. This was a truly lifesaving event that undoubtedly led to my survival from this horrific accident. I am grateful that I was transported to Froedtert Medical Center, an exceptional facility that provided care that contributed to my journey of recovery. I awoke from my coma to the voice of my beautiful baby daughter who was saying, “dada”. Waking up in ICU, I was stunned and disorientated by my surroundings. It was like being in another dimension, another zone. I had both breathing and feeding tube, and my left side suffered mild paralysis. I wrote on a dry erase board, “What happened to me?” My fiancée Kira told me what happened and then cried from joy that I had woken up and could both think and write!

I had little to no hope in making a full recovery, but I continue to fight every day to make myself stronger.

I have healed almost completely, but there are certainly some emotional factors in addition to the most serious issue I am facing, scar tissue and extra bone growth in my knee, which is affecting my range of motion, preventing my leg from straightening and my ability to walk. I will be having another surgery and hope and pray to be up and mobile again.

eric2I could not be telling this story if it had not been for the first responders, Froedtert hospital, the Bloomfield fire and police department, my daughter Kylie and my unbelievably devoted fiancée, Kira, as well as her family and mine, who stood by my side. It is through their love and devotion and the grace of God that I continue to heal.

Most importantly, my life was saved by the Flight For Life team. I want to thank everyone who has helped me on my recovery. I will be eternally grateful!!