New Zealand Air Force Helicopter Down
Dave Greenberg  Rescue Crew, EMT The Life Flight Trust

On April 25, 2010 a New Zealand Air Force Iroquois Helicopter went missing while enroute to an ANZAC Day (New Zealand  version of Veterans Day) celebration. I was on the Westpac Rescue Helicopter which was already tasked for a hospital transfer mission.  We were redirected to searching for the missing helicopter, and once we located it, finding, and rescuing the sole survivor. This presentation talks about changing tasks mid-stream, C/RM and the emotional stress of searching for a helicopter which might have people you know on board.

Lessons Learned From 25 Years on a Rescue Helicopter in New Zealand
Dave Greenberg, Rescue Crew, EMT The Life Flight Trust

I have recently completed 25 years of service for Life Flight in Wellington New Zealand.  I completed nearly 4000 missions in the 25 years, mainly on the helicopter, some on the fixed wing.  We do scene response, hospital transfers as well as search and rescue.  Over that time I learned many lessons. The biggest ones always involved safety of my team, or myself.