Call for Instructors
AAMS Medical Transport Leadership Institute (MTLI) 


  • A minimum of 3 years medical transport management experience or recognized content area expert
  • Teaching/Instructional experience
  • Positive interpersonal communication and organization skills
  • Currently certified as a Medical Transport Executive and/or recognized content area expert

These items will comprise a completed application to serve as an Instructor for MTLI:

  1. Cover letter explaining why you want to be an Instructor, and answering these questions:
    1. Number of years you have worked in EMS
    2. Number of years you have worked in the Medical Transport field
    3. Year you graduated from MTLI (if applicable)
    4. Years you re-certified as a CMTE (if applicable)
    5. Which of the current MTLI courses you would feel the most comfortable teaching
    6. Your interest in and ability to increase participation in the school.
  2. A copy of your resume/CV, which should demonstrate:
    1. Your educational background
    2. Your management background
    3. Any experience teaching/speaking
    4. Your commitment to volunteer activities and your ability to remain committed over time.
  3. Letter of support from your manager/supervisor.

Applications must be emailed to  by September 1, 2017 or mail complete application to:

Association of Air Medical Services, 909 North Washington Street, Suite 410, Alexandria, VA 22314


All applications will be reviewed by the Council of Regents. The top candidates will be chosen and will be asked to conduct an in-person interview with a selection committee on Monday, October 16 or Tuesday, October 17 at the Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) in Fort Worth, Texas. During this interview, candidates will be asked to perform two (2) 10-minute presentations.

The best candidates may be asked to serve as Instructors for the upcoming school year. However, only CMTE’s may qualify in the future to serve as a Regent.


Call the AAMS National Office at (703) 836-8732 or email Natasha Ross