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Flight Recording for 135.607 Deadline – What Do I Really need?
Casey DeLanghe,  Appareo Systems

In April 2018 compliance with 135.607 is required to operate a helicopter in air ambulance operations. So what do you really need for compliance so you can continue operations? This will review the rule, what your options are and what you can do with the newly required data.

Making The Transition to Your Own Operator’s Certificate
Charles Blathras, BS, EMT-P, FP-C and  Richard Kenin ATP, MPA, MS Boston MedFlight

More and more hospital systems are looking away from the vendor model and to having more control over their operation.  There are many advantages and disadvantages to making the transition to a part 135 certificate. This is one program’s experience with making the decision and putting all the right pieces in place for a successful transition. We will highlight the goals, essential components of, and lessons learned in this journey.